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Starting a New Venture, a new online business.

A few of the options you could consider, selling: -

Products or items that you can personally make, that others would purchase from you: -

  • Physical products: Sell products online that you have physically created yourself. Such as clothes you have designed and produced, items that you have made may be knitted or hand-created craft products, to items that you may have baked to items you have created from wood, clay, metal, glass or similar items.

  • Digital products: Items that you may have created in word or excel or designs you may have created for others to use themselves, such as patterns, templates, guides for them to follow, but you have created them and you feel others would like to buy them from you. They buy your patterns or instruction guides, then they can create what you created when they follow your instructions or pattern etc.

  • Any other items that you can personally create yourself, that you honestly feel others would like to buy from you.

Products or items that you could buy, at a discount and know you can sell them at a higher price to others, as you know there is a market or demand for such products and you also know where you can get them cheap and sell them to others and make a profit (The key factor is that you can make a profit on those items). You know of or may have discovered a "Niche" market.

  • Physical products: You can buy, then add them to your online business/store and sell them. To customers in your country to start with, then globally if you are ambitious.

  • Digital products: Designs or guides that you could purchase and then sell to others and make a profit.

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