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Building a Website is not as 
difficult as you think,
let's keep it simple, so you
can get started as quickly and easily as possible.


Here at Logofi our aim is to help you make money online, as quickly as we can, so rather than go through all the options and methods of building websites, we are going to break it down into just 2 offerings.

1. The option you should take if you are not that technically minded, but still want exceptional modern websites, with modern drag and drop, basically if you can use word or google docs to create documents, then you will be able to build your website/s.

Click for the less technical but still awesome website builder.

2. The best option for the more technical of you, or if you would like more of a challenge and flexibility when building your website/s. Also slightly cheaper option if you are on a tighter budget. However straight to the point, this option may save you a little money but it will take you more time to get familiar with website building. 

Click for the more technical but slightly less expensive option.

WordPress is used by most of the top businesses in the World!

Is it complex and hard to learn? No, it is not. 
Today's modern website builders are mostly drag and drop.

So anyone can build a professional website in minutes.
No expensive professional web designer needed.
No website coding experience needed.

All you need is:-

1. A Website Host: The place where your website/s will be professionally hosted.

2. Good Website Designing Tool's: And none are quicker and easier to use than WordPress, with its huge selection of free or paid for themes. See Elegant themes below, for a great choice of the themes you could use.

3. As you grow, start to measure what is working and learn as you progress.
To improve anything, you should measure and monitor the sites you build, how many visitors it is getting, how long they stay on your website, where the visitors are coming from. Nothing beats the ability to monitor and measure your website/s traffic like google analytics... unless its a WordPress website, then the best answer is to use MonsterInsights, click the link to learn more.

Go on... Take Action and Get Started...
1. HOSTING: SiteGround is our recommended Web Hosting Solution - Fast, Reliable, Professional, a perfect host for your WordPress Sites. They have outstanding customer support, Oh and a 30 Day Money Back Guarentee...Which is why we recommended it...Click the image below to find out more.
logo_500 (1).png
2. The Best Website Design Tools: "WordPress Themes" control how your websites will look and feel, for a great selection of WordPress Themes, see Elegant below.
Interested in purchasing this great domain name Or in mutual business opportunities in the Digital Business Sector, then contact us above and we will get back to you.
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