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Find Your Market / Your Niche

(What is a Niche)

The key things for any business are
what to sell & which markets to sell them to.

Learn the skills you need to.

Here are some tools to help you find and research 
markets that you could sell to.

Before you even start out on your online business, you should make sure that there is some demand for the business you are about to build, otherwise, what's the point in making all the effort to build something if no one wants your businesses products or service.
So before you start we recommend you spend some time researching your audience and your competition.
A quick way to research a market
is to do some Keyword Analysis.
KEYWORDSWhat are keywords?

Keywords (sometimes referred to as “SEO keywords”) are any words or phrases that a user types into the search engine, e.g. "Google" to find certain information on the internet. The keyword is a gateway that leads people to the organic search results and ultimately, to the website where they find what they’re looking for.

That is why finding the right keywords is so important in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It helps you to find the phrases people use when searching for information on the internet so that you can optimize your website to appear in the search results for the right keywords.

The keywords are discovered through a process called keyword research. 

Below are 2 of the keyword tools we use,

review them both and choose the one you prefer, this could be based on how easy you think the tool is to use or you may have a budget limit, so the price may be your deciding factor, but both are great products and will help you on your journey, we use both, only because we like to see what both of the tools say and suggest.
Semrush is one of the market leaders
with over 4 million users.
Our other recommended tool
Both will help you quickly see who is searching for which keywords, the keywords which could describe the products or services you may be thinking of selling from your online businesses.
Discovering your Niche using Keyword tools
Another important factor to mention about these tools, is that besides enabling you to quickly see who is searching for the keywords that you are considering e.g. Home, Home decor, Kitchen gadgets, Garden Tools, Sport gear, Running gear...
They also have functions which all you to run wild card type searches, in these you could discover whole new "niches" that you had never even thought about, now that's what we call an extra bonus!
The Best All-In-One Niche Analysis Tool
Here we show you a full Niche Analytics Tool, we use for discovering Niches in Dropshipping. It can also be used to research Niches in general.
Take a look now

Interested in purchasing this great domain name Or in mutual business opportunities in the Digital Business Sector, then contact us above and we will get back to you.

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